Banking & Financial Solutions

Pacific Consulting & Trading is the sole distributor in Afghanistan for NCR Corporation USA.
PCT has installed NCR ATMs in Afghanistan in 08 leading banks.

Pacific Consulting & Trading is also business partner in Afghanistan for

  • IBM / Lenovo
  • Avanza Solutions
  • HPE
  • Banking Production Center (BV) – BPC
  • CMA Small Systems
  • Emerging Market Payments – EMP

Pacific Consulting & Trading have strategic alliances to represent some of the world’s leading companies on Project basis this includes:

  • VeriFone (POS Machines)
  • Cisco
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • VmWare

PCT has installed ATM Controller at Kabul Bank and Maiwand Bank in Afghanistan.

For the convenience of our customers we also supply the following Interactive Printing Solutions.

  • Thermal Paper Roll (For Journal Printer)
  • Thermal Paper Roll (For Receipt Printer) (Plain & Printed)
  • Thermal POS Paper Roll
  • Plastic Card with Magnetic strip / EMV Chip
  • ATM Card Pouches
  • PIN Mailer (with different plys)
  • PIN Mailer Window Envelope
  • Cheque Leaves/Books Printing with following NCR Special Security Features.

Aqua Fugitive Ink

Water Based ink – will spread when liquid is applied.

Solvent Sensitive Ink 

Chemical Sensitive – will spread with chemical liquids

Thermochromic Ink 

Heat Sensitive – Will disappear when heat is applied and then appear again

Photochromic Ink

Can be viewed only under a UV light and will stay visible for some time once exposed to UV light


Small Texts in a straight line with banks name etc…not normally visible to naked eye and looks like a straight line when seen… name etc can be visible under a Glass lens

NCR Watermark Paper

Patented NCR Watermark paper which is only available to NCR and no one else can procure this….security feature in itself

UV Invisible Ink

Invisible ink only visible under UV light

Warning Band

Details of features/specs mentioned on bottom of cheque.

Erasable Ink 

As name suggests….special ink which gets erased when somebody tries to rub it or use an eraser

Personalized WM for the customer

Customised WM paper – only applicable for 10 million cheques or more for a specific customer in a year.

VOID Feature

VOID NAME appeares when photocopy of any cheque is taken…not visible in actual cheque …but all photocopies will show.

Personalized Patented Hologram

Patented hologram on

Software Engineers

Our Software Engineers are NCR CE (CERTIFIED ENGINEER) & specialized for NCR ATM Software, facilitating the customer in installing, configuring & troubleshooting of ATM Software (NCR APTRA Suit) and in providing continuous support services to all Kabul & Africa customers.

Our Software engineers are always in-touch with NCR PSG (Professional Services Group) to get latest software development, patches, service packs & hot-fixes related to banking & financial solution activities and to provide latest software information/support to our valued customers

Hardware Engineers

Similarly our Hardware Engineer are also NCR CE (Certified Engineer) the following services to our customers on daily basis,

  1. ATM Hardware Servicing & Maintenance
  2. ATM Hardware Troubleshoot
  3. Repairing & Reworking
  4. Parts replacement activities