We have installed ATM Controllers at following Banks in Afghanistan.

  1. New Kabul Bank (NKB), Kabul Afghanistan
  2. Maiwand Bank (MB), Kabul Afghanistan

NEW KABUL BANK: (Afghanistan)

New Kabul Bank (formally known as Kabul Bank) was the First Bank of Afghanistan, who installed own In-house “Payment Processing Switch” by us in 2005.

Partnering with Avanza Solutions for Afghanistan region, we have deployed the 1st ATM Controller (Novus formally knows as NIMBUS) by performing following major effort on the ground in New Kabul Head Office, Kabul Afghanistan.

  1. Integration of ATM controller with NKB Core Banking Application (VIRMITY).
  2. Migration of Core Banking Software iFLEX.
  3. Integration of ATM Controller with CSC Lebanon with ATMs & POS.

MAIWAND BANK: (Afghanistan)

In 2009, Maiwand Bank of Afghanistan also decided to set-up their own in-house Payment processing switch, which we successfully delivered in the same year.

Following were our on-ground (Kabul, Afghanistan) major activities.

  1. Integration of ATM Controller with NI (Dubai).
  2. Integration of Core Banking Software with ATM Controller.